RateTrack Plus in the News

Security Benefit has been in the financial news regarding the company's new RateTrack® Plus Annuity (RTP), a floating rate annuity that includes an income benefit and is designed to help clients participate in a rising interest rate environment.

The Topeka, Kansas-based life insurer is launching the RateTrack Plus Annuity contract.


Security Benefit Preps for Rate Increases with Floating Rate Fixed Annuity Launch

“This is one of the only fixed annuities that allows clients to benefit from rising rates,” said Doug Wolff, President of Security Benefit. “It’s different from fixed indexed annuities with a living benefit because it’s simpler. There aren’t multiple indexes or other options to choose from."

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Security Benefit Adds Lifetime Income to RateTrack
“We are competing in the IMO channel with FIAs with guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits, but RateTrack Plus with its guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit is a bit simpler than an FIA – there’s only one crediting bucket to choose from,” said Doug Wolff, President of Security Benefit.
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New Security Benefit deferred annuity offers floating interest rate and income rider
Security Benefit Life Insurance Company has introduced a fixed deferred annuity whose floating interest crediting rate allows contract owners to benefit from a rising rate environment. The product also offers an income rider with an up-front bonus and an annual deferral bonus. The payouts can also benefit from rising rates.

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Security Benefit Adds to RateTrack Family
Security Benefit has livened up a relatively quiet period for annuity product introductions by announcing an addition to its RateTrack line.

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