RTP - RateTrack Plus Annuity

RateTrack® Plus (RTP) is the first of its kind – a floating rate annuity with an Income Benefit that provides the ability to automatically participate in a rising interest rate environment during the contract’s Roll-up Term by automatically adjusting the Income Benefit’s Roll-up Rate. 



RTP Rates

RTP Rate Sheet

Access the RTP Rate Sheet updated daily as LIBOR adjusts.









View an interactive graph of the 3 Month ICE LIBOR USD historical rates as well as the previous day’s rate.




How RateTrack® Plus Works

This consumer-approved video quickly explains the basics of how RTP works, its key features and benefits. (2:56)



This video, consumer-approved, gives a quick introduction to what  the LIBOR  rate is and why it was chosen for RTP. (1:53)


Client Materials 

The following materials are available to help you in explaining the benefits of RateTrack® Plus with your clients.


RTP is currently not approved in: CA, CT, DE, HI, MA, VA, VT (RTP will not be offered for sale in NY)


Base Product Brochure (PDF)

How Interest is Calculated (PDF)

Lifetime Annual Income (PDF)

LIBOR brochure (PDF)

Rising Rates Infographic (PDF)

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Statement of Understanding (PDF)

“A Company You Can Count On” brochure (PDF)


SecurityBenefit.com Client Registration Process

These are instructions (PDF) you can provide to your client on how they can register with SecurityBenenfit.com to access their account information online. These instructions can also be found on the SecurityBenefit.com website.

The Security Benefit RateTrack®Plus Annuity, form 5400 (03-17) and ICC17 (03-17), a single premium deferred fixed annuity, and the Bonus Benefit with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider, form 5401 (03-17) and ICC17 5401 (3-17), for which a charge applies, are issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. Product features, limitation s and availability vary by state.