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RateTrack Annuity


What is RateTrack Annuity?
A brief video that quickly explains this innovative concept in fixed annuities. (2:10 minutes)
A brief video that quickly explains this innovative concept in fixed annuities. (1:40 minutes)
A Bond Alternative
This brief video explains how RateTrack Annuity may be a good alternative to current bond funds in a rising interest rate environment. (1:45 minutes)


Select Benefit Annuity


Accelerated Income Rider
This brief video is consumer-approved and explains the basics of how the Accelerated Income Rider provides a higher amount of income in the first 10 years while still providing a reduced amount of income your client can never outlive. (2:19 minutes)
Legacy Preservation Rider
This consumer-approved video quickly explains how your client can leave an enhanced legacy for others through the Legacy Preservation Rider. (2:11 minutes)
 Pioneers Index UBS Market Pioneers Index
This UBS-produced video explains the concept and methodology of the UBS Market Pioneers Index. To view the video, you will be redirected to the site. (5:52 minutes)


Total Value Annuity



Understanding the BNP Paribus High Dividend Plus Index

This video provides consumers with additional information about the BNP Paribas HD Plus Index crediting options inside the TVA. (6:48 minutes)

Transparent Value Blended Index: A Unique Crediting Option
This video explains the Transparent Value Blended Index to help consumers better understand this unique interest crediting option housed inside the TVA. (8:57 minutes)
The Annuity Linked TVI: A Unique and Distinct Alternative
This video quickly and easily explains the ALTVI to help the consumer better comprehend its unique construction. (6 minutes)


About Security Benefit


Security Benefit Corporate Video: It's Our Time
A video highlighting Security Benefit's history and focus on the future. (5:16 minutes) option housed inside the TVA. (8:57 minutes)