Identity Verification and Paperless Communications

Fighting fraud together with

Security Benefit has implemented the identity verification platform to add an additional layer of protection to all online accounts. With a few simple steps upfront, you can work with us to keep your client's savings away from cybercriminals. technology meets the highest federal standards and simplifies how you safely share and prove your identity across business and government sectors. 

December 4, 2023: One-time Identity Verification Required for All Financial Professionals

Beginning December 4, 2023 all financial representatives who have not completed their online identity verification through, will be asked to do so before they access their book of business. You can also complete this process ANY time before December 4 by clicking the link after signing into your account at

Completing the verification process

Follow the simple, easy process next time you sign-in to your account.   

  1. Click the link and establish an online account.
  2. Follow the instructions to upload a government issued photo ID which will verify your identity. If you already established an account, you can simply log in to that account and complete the identity verification process.

Client Notices Go Paperless Dec. 15, 2023 

We also want to help you reduce time spent managing paper documents and limit mail fraud risk. For the next few weeks, you will continue to receive paper copies of client statements and correspondence. 

Beginning Dec. 15, 2023, we will no longer mail paper copies of client correspondence to you or your firm. If you need to reference client correspondence, you can access that information online. 

IM-50005-00 | 2023-11-20