FAQ: Doing Business with Security Benefit

What are the current rates?

To access current rates, select the Rates icon or click Current Rates under the Products tab in the main navigation.

Where can I locate client materials?

Client materials are located on the product page.

Strategic Growth Series

Where can I get a new application?

Select the Application Builder icon on the homepage or click App Builder under the Tools menu in the main navigation. After answering a few questions about the case, you will be able to download or email the documents needed.

How do I order new materials?

You will want to contact your IMO to order new materials.

Where can I access my commissions?

You can view commissions within Client Accounts in the main navigation.

What product features are approved in my state?

State Variations, as well as other information, can be found on the Strategic Growth Series product page.

How do I get approval to mention Security Benefit or its products in my marketing?

To have your marketing materials reviewed for Security Benefit approval, please submit to [email protected]. Please review our marketing guidelines for more information.